ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO and Nick is practically pooping himself with excitement…we have started the epic task of packing bags and sorting all our stuff out and both of us have already mentally checked out of work.

I face the difficult task of encouraging Nick to take any form of shoes apart from his giant flip flops and to NOT bring that orange and grey stripy fluffball of a hat/the red jumper (any of you who know Nick will know this hat and jumper) they may have to be hidden.

We had an awesome farewell to NZ with some of the nearest and dearest at Whiritoa Beach this weekend which definately left us with some lasting memories…(some of which i shall suppress deep into my subconcious) but also some that shall make us miss you guys HEAPS whilst we are away.

To all of you reading this from overseas…SEE YOU SOOOON!! We cant wait to catch up and i cant wait for those of you who have not yet had the “pleasure” to meet Nick to finally give him the 20questions (im pretty sure he will pass). Fear not if you see someone that looks like a tall mexican next to me in any photos, he is not pickpocketing me it is actually Nick…i have said that Nick can grow his mo until we go to England then he MUST shave it off…we have a deal. I am just putting this in writing so i have proof.

SO i guess we wont write on this again until we have something more exciting to share with you (such as a tan) and i hope that will be soon. To those we are leaving we miss you already but sun, sea, sand, surf, tans, roadtrips, cocktails and pad thai’s calls 🙂

Later gators

Nick and Nat







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