Bali Part 1 – Kuta and the Bukit Peninsula

Hey everyone, 

So our first week has passed and the tans have improved (Nats more pink).  Flights over here were all good, no major issues apart from Nat having panic attacks that she couldnt pee as often as she liked as she was in a middle seat. However it turned out that the guy next to her peed more than she did!  Nats had an awesome time at the airport picking out her presents from her work buddies in the surf shop and ended up with 2 tops and some surfing Zinc. 

Arrived in Kuta and checked in at Bendesa, where everyone remembered Nick from previous stays…after a whole lot of “Nicccckkk” we made our way to the room where we literally dumped our stuff got the togs on and went for a jump in the pool! Spent the first few days just chilling out by the pool and getting into the swing of the bali ways…had lots of banana pancakes, bali coffee, mie/nasi gorengs and satays and did heaps of walking up and down the beach. Surf was small so we only managed a quick longboard on Kuta beach – (From Nat – i was poop but tried, bali locals kept trying to teach me).  We had one night where we attempted to go out, however went out a bit too early had a shisha pipe and fishbowl in Apache bar and were the only ones there. Had one free drink in skygarden but found the big groups of aussies not our cup of tea…bed by 10:30pm!

Got over the hustle and bustle of Kuta pretty quickly and decided to head to Bingin and stayed at Nyoman and Nyoman’s for 4 nights (see photos of views). Nyoman knows Nick pretty well and was excited to see him again and asked after all the other boys who have been there before.  Nick went out for a quick surf in the afternoon we got there and we just chilled out that evening! We hired a scooter and spent the next 2 days going to Uluwatu, Balangan (surfed here for few days) and Jimbaran Bay.  Had a really awesome lunch at Jimbaran Bay – our most expensive purchase in Bali so far, we had two very posh appetizers at a beach front restaurant for $25 for both of us! Had awesome massages at Nyomans place where after spending the day in the sun Nat had become a more pinkish hue so they used fresh aloe vera and ice to do hers to soothe the pain! One of the ladies turned to Nick and said “hey she look like a prawn!”.  Went for a quick walk one morning round to dreamlands resort which is very ugly and still not finished for those who know where it is…got a bit wet on the walk over there as Nat timed running round the rocks from the tide very badly and got hit by a big spray, lucky she managed to somehow not fall off the rock! THEN on the walk back we randomly came across a lady having a nudey photo shoot…Nick saw boobies, it made his day!

Today we left Bingin and said goodbye to Nyoman, Nat made her a bracelet and in return she gave Nick a sarong and Nat a scarf…we promised that Nick and the boys will go back and visit her again soon (Ashton/Hamish save pennies for next trip).  Also said we would try and send her some photos of everyone now. Headed back to Kuta which is where we are now, planning for the next part of our trip which looks to be Ubud, Lovina and maybe Medewi.  Nicks birthday is on Tuesday so we are going to have dinner at a nice restaurant called rumours on Monday night.  Randomly bumped into Tim (Ashton you know – Georgia and Adams brother) at the hotel today, may have dinner with him later today.

Anywhoo i think that is it, will try and work out how to upload photos with this as well. We have just put in a selection!

Miss you all, but having heaps of fun!

Love Nick and Nat 

P.S. May not be updating blog toooo regularly as after a few technical hitches this has taken about 2hours!!! We will try and do it at least every couple of weeks 🙂





3 thoughts on “Bali Part 1 – Kuta and the Bukit Peninsula

  1. I am so jealous of you guys! Can you let us know when you are in or near London? We need to arrange a reunion with Ross, Jase and Eddie.. have bundles of fun! I will read this as i sit at boring work and miss the world of traveling xx

  2. Sounds like you’re having an awesome time! Love the blog! The broken boat cracked me up, as did Nat attempting to take on a massive chick in a drinking contest!Keep up the blogging, we want to hear about Cambodia now!Miss you guys XXOO

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