Bali Part 2 – Ubud, Lovina & around

Hi guys so here is the next installment, the last one we wrote sounded a bit weird and all over the shop so im writing this one and Nick can write the next one!

So when we last wrote we were in Kuta, we just spent a couple of days chilling out and organising the next part of our bali adventure…on the day we travelled to Ubud it was Nicks 26th birthday woooop! We went out the night before his birthday for a nice dinner at rumours restaurant which was awesome and treated ourself to a big feed! I still think it was my treat even though we have a joint account. On the morning of Nicks birthday he got to open his present (thank god it took up precious space in my backpack) he got 3 tshirts/vests which were to remind him of home, and to stop people thinking he was an Aussie, which i have come to realise he hates very much. Then off we went on our next mission….to Ubud!


We got the Perama shuttle bus to Ubud which was pretty easy no dramas there apart from having to heave my big ass backpack around even minus nicks present – i swear i didnt even pack that much! We got to Ubud bang smack in the hottest part of the day and had to walk up the worlds biggest hill (only slightly exagerrated) Nick was quite patient with my constant moaning and somehow we made it to a place called Sania’s House which is an awesome home stay with amazing rooms (see picture) and a swimming pool which we promptly tested out.  My only issue was that there was a GINOURMOUS spider outside of our room but he kept himself to himself thank bejesus.

The first day we spent just doing the usual mooch about town, we booked ourselves a bike tour (it was called downhill bike tour which was the ONLY reason i agreed as people who know me know i am not very good at riding a bike). As it was Nicks birthday he got to choose dinner, and he chose to eat local food, nick had goat satay (i had chicken – boring english girl i am) and we ate it with our hands local styley. Nick had made me promise i wouldnt arrange anything special for his birthday or he said he would be angry with me, so thats why his birthday was a low key chilled out affair but he seemed happy. The next day started a bit wobbly as of course i woke up with Bali belly, lucky me…sorry if thats too much info but you can imagine my horror as i realised we were doing a bike tour that day! However we both went and it was an awesome day, got to go to see mount batur, a coffee plantation, rice paddies, a local school, a balinese compound house, see wood carvings and Nick even helped some of the ladies harvest the rice – see picture, i think they wanted him to stay as they werent having to do anything!  I thought i was doing pretty well, bali belly wasnt causing me too many issues but then….at the school infront of the kiddies i tried to go up a steep ramp in the wrong gear and despite what Nick says i didnt fall off but i did roll down backwards very ungracefully and got a HUGE bruise (pictures there for you mum) the kids of course found it hilarious as did Nick. 

Next thing we did in Ubud was a yoga class (yes nick did yoga) we were recommended by Nicks mate Tims missus who happened to be a yoga teacher.  Well it most certainly changed my views on yoga both of us were dripping with sweat and shaking constantly our instructor Daniel pushed us super hard and even had Nick trying to do a headstand (quite amusing to watch).  Anywhoo after that we had a lovely lunch at a place called Sari Organic and then hit the markets and got haggling. Then it was onwards and upwards to Lovina at the north…


I am going to try and write slightly less now as Nick has told me im writing too much which sounds about right as i talk too much as well. So Lovina was so different to Ubud and Kuta, it was very quiet and not too many tourists around, we stayed in a placed called Nirwana Cottages and we had a hot shower and aircon for only $10/night each it was quite a treat!! Although the aircon came back and bit us on the ass when we both got colds after a couple of days…a cold in bali – really!? Anyhow where was i, we did an awesome dolphin watching trip had to get up at 5:30am and headed down to the beach with our guide to our boat 007 – which he promptly said “no we cannot go on this boat it is broken i will take my friends boat” then when his friend didnt reply to his texts you can imagine my horror as he said Ok we will have to go on my boat (the broken boat). Nick had to calm me down but he managed to talk me onto the broken boat and obviously it didnt sink as i am writing this! Dolphins were awesome, there were heaps of them right next to our boats LOVED it. Spent a lot of the time in Lovina chilling out by the pool and reading, we eventually rented a bike and went on our own tour which was pretty fun went to the hot springs for a swim, went up into the mountains and saw lots of pretty views of rice paddies, got a sore bum eventually and came back.  That was pretty much Lovina, the locals were really friendly however desperate for business as it was so quiet there but i would recommend it. 

Back to Kuta we went, we were going to stay in Medewi but the surf report was flat…

Kuta Revisited

So here we are at the end of our trip in Bali, back in Kuta – we hired a bike for the whole time we are here so Nick has been going hunting for surf, we went to Balangan a couple of times and Nick went to Canngu too early for me to accompany him…i am on holiday after all and very lazy. Did a crazy bike ride to Medewi 2.5hours there and 2.5hours back, stopped off at a couple of places on the way mainly due to sore bums, Nick got very good at driving around huge lorries. When we got to Medewi surf was flat so we just had lunch there and came back! Didnt realise until we stopped in a shop that both of our faces were black cos of the exhausts and fumes from the trucks – we werent a pretty picture.  We tried to be a bit crazy last night and went out to a see a reggae band play and got drunk, it was the bars birthday party so they were playing drinking games and somehow i got roped into downing a drink against a girl who could have eaten me, inevitably she won and i got very drunk. Me and Nick were on a roll and had 3 fishbowls and a shisha and then went for a night swim in the pool – stupid thing to do when you have a drunk nat with you as i forgot where i put the key and we were looking for it in the dark swimming pool, eventually nick found it on a ledge…woke up with a STINKING hangover and never ever drinking again.

Here we are at today, we head to Thailand and then onto Cambodia tomorrow – very exciting!! So will get Nick to update in a couple of weeks.  We miss you all but are still having lots of fun.

Nick and Nat



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