A Quick Hello to the UK

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well! 

Sorry we have been pretty slack at updating, and also just replying to people’s messages in general we have had a very busy 2 weeks.  So as the title suggests we are currently in the UK just getting ready to head off in our van round Europe tomorrow…very excited 🙂

So we had a pretty easy journey from Bangkok to the UK, we did get delayed for 3 hours however this was bearable as Bangkok airport has lots of try me taster stands, we proceeded to spend the next 2hours going up one side and down the other and filled up on free food, then 1hour free internet – cant complain really!  We got awesome food on Sri Lankan Airlines flight, and then got put up in an awesome hotel as we had a 12hour stopover, unfortunately me and nick were both a bit tired when we went to bed and forgot the time difference…when we went to checkout in the morning the guy looked very surprised and said but you have 2hours till the bus picks you up! It wasnt too bad as they had an amazing buffet breakfast and we had more time to eat and even enough time to go for a walk on the beach which was right by the hotel. Somehow we got roped into pulling a boat up the beach (dont know why they asked me, maybe its because of my huge guns) but all in a days fun.

Nicks sister Gemma picked us up from the airport, they havent seen eachother for about 10years so that was pretty cool. We stayed with her for a night on the RAF base where

 she is based which Nick loved, i think Gemma and her fella Mark were very patient with Nicks 10million questions about the choppers and planes and the base etc. We got treated to our first bacon sarnie in aaggggesss and we were happy chappies when we left.

Then we hungout in Littlehampton for a few days trying to get organised and doing boring stuff, got to see my dads boat which is aaaaawesome cant wait to go sailing and started trying to sort out our van which we LOVE. 

The next 4nights were spent with Suzi (my sister) we spent one day walking round the WHOLE of London, i think we must have walked a marathon (maybe slight exagerration) but it was quite fun seeing all the sights and in true England style it rained most of the day.  Suzi spoilt us a lot while we were there and we got treated to milkshakes and dinner that night.  The next day we went to Royal Ascot races, me and Nick had already been to Primarni and got him some smart clothes (shirt, trousers, belt, tie, socks all for £20) so we were all ready. This was a really fun day, we didnt make any money but we didnt lose too much either, had an awesome picnic and lots of vino then went to meet my girls in a bar in London, first time i had seen them in 18months so there was lots of screaming and hugging.  When i first saw Jane outside the pub, of course i ran and then a nice lady promptly returned all the contents of my bag to me as i had left it open…whoops! Nick got the tick of approval from them so that was good :). The next day we had a chilled out one, watching the rugby and walking round clapham market, went for dinner and drinks with the girls, Nick was sober driver which was a bit of a bad idea when i got verrrrrry drunk and he had to put up with dancing drunk nat.  So good to see the girls though and listen to some old school garage music!

On Sunday Suzi had arranged a BBQ with lots of my family and friends which was amazing. I loved catching up with everyone, was so good to see them all again (although i do still need to see my parents!!). After the BBQ we went to the pub and watched England lose the footie, Nick was more into it than some of the other “proper” English blokes in there, shouting and chanting and drinking Guiness! Quick shout out to Suzi, Liz and Chloe – thanks SO much for having us we had lots of fun!

Back to Littlehampton we went to do more boring stuff for a couple of days and then onwards to Gemmas and the RAF base for a couple of nights!!

Gemma is another one who spoilt us lots while we were there! We had lots of fun on the first day seeing all of Nicks family from England, including his nana who was lovely and his aunt who cooked an amazing curry for us (and gave us beer) and then onto the farm where Nick grew up where i got to play with kittens, dogs and ponies and Nick got to do backflips on their trampoline. We also saw a bit of the Cotswolds where they live which is so beautiful. That night we ended up going to the pub on the base to watch the footie and me and Nick got a tad tipsy. The next day Gemma drove us to Oxford via reading and some other pretty places…i loved Oxford, cant believe i had never been there before! Had a nice time walking round, looking at shops and exploring in general!  Afterwards we went back to Gemmas, had dinner and ended up back at the pub for a quiet few.  Our last morning with Gemma we got a chance to look round the base and got to go on one of the choppers she works on which was pretty cool, we then went to a pick your own place and picked fresh strawberries! YUM!

So thats pretty much up to date now, we are back in Littlehampton, just organising stuff for our Europe road trip and packing the van up! We have to leave stupidly early tomorrow morning to get our 7am ferry! SO excited, so the next time we update we shall have Europe stories for you.

Hope everyone is doing well and is happy 🙂 Please update us on your lives as well as we do miss you all!

Nat and Nick




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