Living in the UK October 2012-January 2013

So thought I would give everyone a quick update of what we have been up to whilst we have been living in the UK for the last few months, although we have both been working we did manage to get to do a few cool things. When we first got back we had a couple of days of resting before getting in the car and driving with my parents to Scotland to visit my nannie in Stranraer, we spent a really nice couple of days up there with my nan exploring the area, going for lunch and dinner and Nick tried some local delicacies including tatti scones, haggis and black pudding. When we returned to England we got straight back into working again, I got a job as a Social Worker in a hospital in London and Nick got a job through a family friend as a carpenter, so it worked out pretty well really.

We spent a lot of time catching up with friends and family whilst we have been here which has been really nice, we managed to go to Swindon and see some of Nicks family again, went on a night out with some of the mates we had made in Thailand and also Nick managed to catch up with one of his rugby mates now based in the UK among lots of other things. Nick also managed to join a local rugby club Footscray where so far out of 3 games he played he won man of the match twice…think he might get too big for his boots if he lived here longer :P.

We made the most out of being in London and got bought tickets to a couple of shows, first up was Lion King which was really good, we spent the day in the city and went to Harrods before and stayed the night in a small bed and breakfast in the city. Next up was Rock of Ages which also was really good and was pretty funny.  We also went ice skating at Somerset House which was really nice and Christmassy and showed me another thing Nick was really good at…not fair.  Nick also got to experience rugby in England and went to Twickenham stadium with my sister and some of her mates, had a really nice time however the game itself was pretty dull. But Nick should think himself lucky as he did have a ticket to the England vs New Zealand game but ended up flying back to NZ so missed it, which he should be happy about as England won…YAY!!

We had a really nice chilled out Christmas and New Year which was nice, had a lovely roast turkey at my parents house in Littlehampton and went for a nice walk along the coast. Before Christmas we went to the James Bond Car exhibition with my parents which was pretty cool, not only did we get to see the James Bond cars we also saw the top gear car creations and chitty chitty bang bang amongst other things.  For New Year we stayed in with my Aunt and Uncle and my Uncle’s sister and her family, we drank a lot, played dancing games on the wii and the best of British game, so had fun but didn’t spend any money which was good for us!!

So that’s a brief summary really, we have been up to quite a bit more but I cant really remember what else we have done, I have been for numerous catch ups with special people and fun nights out where in the process I have had my wallet stolen and lost my phone…good one Nats. Next up on the agenda with only 1 week to go is roller disco this weekend and more catch up’s with the Swindon family and Nicks sister.

I am hoping that in South America they have more internet cafes than in Europe so that we can be better on the blog than we were. We will soon find out as we leave to go to Salvador in a week!! SO EXCITED!!

So I will love you and leave you all and the next time I write we will be in South America! I think its Nicks turn next though.

Love Nick and Nat



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