South America Part 3 – Pantanal, Bonito

Hey Team. Just a quick update as we have finally departed Brazil and we are now in Argentina.

The Pantanal

After Rio we caught the most amazing bus to Campo Grande (in between town). We actually had heaps leg room and super comfy seats. Almost didnt wanna get off.
However, we did get off and waiting at the bus terminal was our connecting ride to the Pantanal, which consisted of a mini van, and then a 4×4 to the ranch once the road turn changed to mud.
We stayed at a super cool ranch called Santa Clara that had been recommended to us several times now. Being the tight arses we are we opted for the camping accommodation, where we had the choice of tent, of hammock. We spent the next 3nights sleeping in a hammock, which in the end was not bad at all mainly because we were so tired at the end of each day.

Over the next 3days we did some pretty cool excursions and trips into the jungle and down the rivers. We did an awesome boat trip down the river, where our guide caught a fish and used it to make a caiman (smaller version of a crocodile) jump out of the water. Also did some jungle trekking, horse riding cowboy style with the reins in one hand (my horse was called silver and nats was called white chocolate…nats addition-Nick made these names up), 4×4 safari, piranha fishing (we ate them later for dinner) and a night trip to see all the caimans eyes glowing on the river banks. While we were there we saw some awesome wildlife including caiman, capybara, armadillos, toucans, parrots, monkeys and heaps more. We were even lucky enough to witness 2 jaguars hunt and take down an emu 200m from our campsite, while sipping our morning coffee. No one believed us at first, but later on that day me and one of the guide went out and found the carcus, he then chopped off the wings and brought them back to site to make a feather duster for the ladies.

After an amazing 3nights and 4days on the santa clara ranch, we said our goodbyes and headed for our next stop, Bonito.


Bonito was another stop that had been recommended to us. The main attraction here is the crystal clear rivers and the amazing abundance of fish/varities of fish.
On our brief one day stop here, we hired bikes and cycled a mere 7k´s out of town to the municipal pools (seemed like 50k´s in the heat). On the way we were lucky enough to find a group of monkeys hanging out near the road. We stopped and joined the few people there and ended up feeding them, almost out of our hands.
Once we got to the pools we snorkelled amounst hundreds of fish that were all within touching distance and in really good visibility. Was also real fun feeding them and watching them all race and fight over the few pellets of food we would throw in at a time.

Leaving Brazil

Bonito was only a short stop but a good one. After here we made the journey towards Foz Do Iguazu, where we would make our way through the Brazilian and Argentian boarders. We thought we did pretty well to buy some cheap tickets for the bus journey from another tourist who didnt need them anymore, because he was taking the mini van. Turns out our deal was probably not as good as we thought as it took 3buses and considerable waiting time to make it to Foz, rather than the 12 hour mini van that cost a few bucks more. Once we arrived we then had to catch a taxi and 3more local buses between and from the border to our final destination of the day, Puerto Iguazu in Argentina.
And this is where we now are. In our first new country and both really excited to see what it has to offer. Bring it on Argentina.

Alright chappies, will keep you informed again soon. For now we are off to hopefully find somewhere to watch the Eng vs France rugby game, then catch yet another bus……..

Take care all. Peace out.
Nick and Nats xoxoxo



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